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Selected articles and other contents from a large collection of media coverage, including specialist magazines, featuring Toru Nomura.


Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Part 1 (link to the official tour blog of the orchestra)
Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Part 2 (link to the official tour blog of the orchestra)
The world's oldest civic orchestra, Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, toured Asia in May - June 2019, during which Tokyo Flute Space has been featured in the orchestra's official tour blog.  Take a glimpse as one of their flute players, Mr. Manfred Ludwig, visits the workshop in Part 1, to have his instrument repaired.  And in Part 2, join the flute section of the orchestra meeting Toru Nomura in one of their concert venues.  Contents in German (photos available).

Danish National Symphony Orchestra on their first ever tour to Japan (filmed by the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation / link to the official YouTube channel of their concert hall, DR Koncerthuset)
Video footage made with Mr. Mikael Beier, Assistant Principal Flute of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, which is widely regarded as one of the most distinguished Nordic orchestras. Original soundtrack and subtitles both in Danish and in English.

"THE FLUTE" magazine Vol. 141 (March 2015 issue) / Interview with András Adorján, Part 1
"THE FLUTE" magazine Vol. 142 (April 2015 issue) / Interview with András Adorján, Part 2
Welcoming the world-renowned flautist, Mr. András Adorján, Toru Nomura talks on flute repair and other subjects with him. The English version of this long interview, originally appeared in a Japanese flute magazine, is presented in two parts.