About the booking system and other information, for those who visits Tokyo Flute Space for the first time.

Tokyo Flute Space can be visited by appointment only.
It is a small workshop whose owner (and the only staff member) does everything by himself, and in order to ensure the time for repair work each flute deserves, as well as to avoid letting its customers be without their instruments longer than the repair procedure demands, the advance booking is required.
Tokyo Flute Space lets you experience the full potential each of your instrument has, which is achieved by the mastery handwork with meticulous attention to details, also using carefully selected tools and spare parts. It offers repair services to nearly all makes of flutes and piccolos, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding professionals, from regular maintenance to major repairs, as well as individual set-ups.
Here at Tokyo Flute Space, you can consult with the repairer himself, who actually takes care of your instrument, about any requirements or questions you may have. And after the repair, you will be invited to test your instruments in a reserved, soundproof cabin which has private and undisturbed atmosphere, until you are confident in the result of the work.
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You will also find information on repairs that are frequently carried out, such as contents, background and price guide.
If you are interested in who is going to take care of your instruments, the repairer's profile is available.
Additionally, selected and permitted magazine articles featuring Toru Nomura can be read in full on this website.
Tokyo Flute Space offers you a workshop preview prior to your visit, with photos and explanation.
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If you are using wheelchair or perambulator / baby carriage, please let the staff know in advance. Along with further information available on universal access, the staff would love to learn more about your individual requirements.
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Tokyo Flute Space looks forward to your visit.